The Last Eve Book

An author approached us for the publication and marketing of her new book she had been working on that would be launching with her women's growth conference.


An author sought our expertise in publishing and marketing her latest book, which coincided with her women's growth conference launch. Frustrated with a previous publisher's inability to capture the desired identity design for her book, she turned to us for assistance. Having experienced our successful marketing campaigns for her financial planning agency, she eagerly brought us on board for this project. Together, we embarked on a journey to bring her book to life and maximize its impact on her target audience.


We were able to bring the author's creativity out in the identity design of The Last Eve Book. We then produced commercial advertisements, social media campaigns and a 6 episode interview show for YouTube.

The Last Eve Book

The Challenge:

Crafting a unique identity design that captures the essence of the book, setting it apart from other self-help books for women. Seamlessly transitioning from the previous publisher to Pure Media, despite a tight timeline before the launch and conference. Developing a strategic marketing plan that maximizes the impact of the live conference and sustains engagement post-event.

Marketing Strategy

Harnessing the author's existing global following and leadership event experience in the USA and Singapore, our marketing team devised a powerful strategy to maximize the momentum leading up to the Author's conference. Additionally, we crafted an engaging post-event plan to sustain audience interaction and connection.

Engagement Strategy

With our 8-week content strategy, we drove 788 pre-release purchases, amplifying anticipation for the book. The global and local audience at the conference experienced the captivating commercial, igniting widespread interest. Engaging those who purchased, our 6-Episode book show generated organic momentum, fueling additional purchases. Remarkably, our marketing efforts relied solely on the author's existing following, with no paid advertising involved.