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Frequently asked questions

Who Do We Work With?

At Pure Media, we have the privilege of working with a diverse clientele, from ambitious start-ups to established companies. Our tailored approach addresses the unique scale and goals of each organization, recognizing their distinct needs. Whether you're a medium-sized enterprise, a small business, or a thriving start-up, we're here to fuel your growth and unlock your full potential. Let's embark on this journey together and achieve remarkable success.

Who are we?

Our team at Pure Media is a collaboration of passionate individuals who brings a wealth of industry experience. With an average of 20-30 years of expertise, we have collaborated with renowned brands and organizations worldwide, including Nickelodeon, Netflix, Shell, Microsoft, and AT&T. In addition, we have had the pleasure of working closely with numerous local start-ups and non-profit organizations, supporting their growth and impact.

Where are we located?

We are proud to call Orange County, CA our home. Our local team members are based here, and we also have top-talented professionals working remotely from around the world. This allows us to seamlessly serve clients both locally and globally, ensuring a diverse perspective and round-the-clock support.

How long does the process take?

We conveniently break down the process into 3 steps: Branding, Create and Grow. We tailor each step to our individual clients needs and each step takes an average 3-4 months.